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 The ERP Toolkit includes...

    • ERP Self-Assessment ( determine if you need a new ERP system )
    • ROI Calculator ( quantify the need for a modern ERP system)
    • Business Process Maps ( help define key processes you can automate)
    • Vendor Scorecard
    • Sample RFI (request for information)
    • Top 10 Questions To Ask Your ERP Vendor

Modern ERP systems will centralize business systems and processes enabling your organization to strategically align individual departments resulting in substantial cost savings, improved efficiency, a boost in sales and streamlined operations.

Download our comprehensive guide today. It's full of checklists, worksheets, examples and industry best practices from our team of former CFOs, CPAs, controllers, business leaders and technology experts.

"In the past 5 years of working with goVirtualOffice, our business is now growing at a consistent 20% per year, our vendor base grew by 100%, our inventory purchases have increased by 50%, and we've seen a drastic reduction in time to close by at least 70%. The best part is that we've been able to do it with the same number of heads, meaning no increased overhead in staffing new employees..."

- Ken Carson, CFO:

Customers who buy NetSuite through goVirtualOffice

Customers who buy NetSuite through goVirtualOffice

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